Diving & Cricket in Gouvia




Cricket in Corfu island has a centenary tradition having four different clubs and two different cricket play grounds. The first one and the biggest is located in the middle of the old town of Corfu and is used only for special events. The second one is located in Gouvia’s Marina.

Gouvia’s cricket pitch
is newly built and is available for tourists that wants try to play this sport.

So If you are looking for trying something different and traditional on your holidays in Gouvia, don’t forget to visit the cricket pitch in Marina. You will spend some “athletic” hours coming closer with this traditional corfiot sport.



One of the most unforgettable experiences in someone’s life is getting to know the underwater world. It is sure that even Divingif you are not a good swimmer but just a sea lover a dive in shallow or deep waters will probably bond you with the beauty of the underwater wealth forever.

This chance is given to you in Gouvia resort on Corfu. Enjoy the vast blue of the Corfiot bottom of the sea and we are sure you will never forget your holidays in Gouvia.

There are two diving centers operating in Gouvia. The first one “Professional diving center” is located in Gouvia’s  Marina and the second one”Scubapro” is located on the main street of Gouvia.

Both of them offer a variety of programs and all the equipment needed for the professionals as well as the beginners who wish to try that marvelous sport.




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