Gouvia Internet, Medication & Beauty Services




Although in Gouvia resort you have to enjoy your holidays relaxing, there is internet access in internet cafés where you are able to arrange any remaining tasks you may have or just chatting with friends telling them how wonderful island Corfu is.

There are two internet café (Bristol & Hackers) located on the main street of Gouvia offering pc’s with internet access as well as coffees, beverages, sweets, ice-creams & snacks.




Gouvia surgery`sDoctor provides medical services to tourists, as well as to the local population, on a 24h basis.

There are 3 surgery offices operating at the moment in Gouvia located on the main street. Moreover there are pharmacies providing services more than their normally can.



After a day at the beauty beach you need some relaxation. This role plays for you the spa you can find in Gouvia resort. And for a more personal chance to your style are some places also here to help you “renovate” yourself as far as your hair is concerned.

You will find "Asian Spa center", "Art of Hair" and "Hair Sallon" on the main street of Gouvia.  


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